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… For the first time in many, many years, I no longer suffer from Monday morning Sunday afternoon blues! I enjoy going to my place of work. Work has become a pleasure and an adventure rather than a dread… Knowing what I now know, I wish I’d owned my business years earlier, but even at the age of 55 (when I bought it), I don’t consider it too late…

“Thank you” for guiding my wife and me into our business and supporting us through the rocky times (as well as smooth) of the purchase. It was enjoyable working with you and sometimes even fun! I must admit, it was a little scary as neither of us had before relied on our own business for our livelihood. We both feel you were honest and straightforward in your recommendation and advice even though you were really working for the seller…

Let’s keep in touch. When it’s time to sell or retire (or whatever),we’ll be talking again, only this time, I’ll probably be the seller!


… In spite of all of my trepidation, the Associate Equity team has made the “chore” of selling my business a very positive experience for everyone. I was thrilled to find that you, Tex, were able to establish and negotiate a sale price that not only met, but significantly exceeded any of our expectations. The deal you structured enabled us to keep and invest a large portion of the proceeds – far more than I ever anticipated – and job retention is guaranteed for many of my family members for a number of years….

All in all, selling my business has been an amazingly painless experience. I cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance. You can count on my recommendation of you, Tex, and your Associate Equity team to others in my business circle as they, too, decide the time is right to retire and enjoy life on the golf course. Thank you so much.


My wife and I have just been through the process of buying a business. We were first time buyers and we just wanted to share our experience with you. Our contact throughout this procedure was Ise Lushaj. He went above and beyond his duties as a broker. Ise’s knowledge of the property being sold was comprehensive and when he didn’t know the exact answer to a question, he was able to contact someone who was able to help us immediately. He made himself available on weekends and evenings without hesitation. We couldn’t have asked for a better contact throughout the process.

If and when we decide to buy again or sell, if Ise is still in business, he will be our choice! Thank you so much for making this as easy as possible for us as first time buyers.